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Epowerplanet – aims and goals!

The Epower planet website was published to try and evaluate products that are powered by electricity. We are particularly interested in machinery and equipment that is powered by battery.

  • Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults
    The Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults – Are they Popular? A Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults is now a popular transport choice for a wide number of people. Scooters were originally considered to be a child’s toy but this is no longer the case. Adults, both young and old, are now using scooters … Read more
  • Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 1000 Dollars
    Which is the Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 1000 Dollars? Which is the best electric mountain bike under 1000 dollars ? There are a lot of electric mountain bikes to choose from. Some of them have full sized frames and large wheels. Some of them have smaller wheels. Some electric mountain bikes can be folded … Read more
  • The Best Value Electric Folding Bike
    Which is The Best Value Electric Folding Bike? The best value electric folding bike will not necessarily be the cheapest bike available. The best value electric folding bike for you will be the least expensive bike that will meet your own particular needs and requirements. Simply buying the cheapest folding electric bike on the market … Read more
  • Electric bikes under 1500 Dollars
    Are There Any Electric Bikes Under 1500 Dollars Worth Buying? Electric bikes under 1500 dollars! Are any of the electric bikes for under $1500 any good. The truth is you do not have to spend a huge amount of money to get a good quality e-bike if you do not want to do so. The … Read more
  • What Should I Look For In A Folding Electric Bike?
    What Should I Look For in a Folding Electric Bike? The answer to the question ‘what should I look for in a folding electric bike’ is not a straight forward one! Everyone who is thinking of buying a folding electric bike will have their own idea about what they should be looking for. It will, … Read more
  • Best Electric Bikes for Commuters
    What are the Best Electric Bikes for Commuters? A lot of people who commute to work each day may be asking themselves if an electric bike would be a practical way to make the journey. If you are new to ebiking deciding which is the best electric bike for commuters could present you with a … Read more

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