Is the best value folding electric bike made by Shengmilo?

Which is The Best Value Electric Folding Bike?

The best value electric folding bike will not necessarily be the cheapest bike available. The best value electric folding bike for you will be the least expensive bike that will meet your own particular needs and requirements.

Simply buying the cheapest folding electric bike on the market will almost certainly lead to disappointment. Set out your criteria for buying an electric bike and buy the one that you consider will provide you with the best value.

An older person looking for an electric bike will probably have different needs to those of a student for example. A student may even be tempted to buy an adult scooter instead of an e-bike but this is unlikely to appeal to most older people.

The best foldinge-bike ready to transport
Ebike folded ready to transport

The main reason that people have for buying an electric folding bike is that they are extremely easy to store and transport. Commuters who need to transport their e-bike on public transport for part of their journey tend to favour folding bikes. They can also be easily transported in the boot of a standard family car should the need arise.

If you are struggling for space in your home to store a conventional e-bike then a folding electric bike is an ideal solution. They take up a minimal amount of space and can be stored virtually anywhere.

In order to help you to find the best value electric folding bike for you we have listed six models that we feel may be of interest to you.

The folding e-bikes listed vary in price from under $1000 to around about 1500 dollars (or thereabouts). Prices for ebikes tend to change regularly so the prices quoted are for guidance only. If you feel that any of the folding electric bikes we feature may meet your requirements simply click on the links to see the manufacturers full specification and/or to make a purchase.

There are of course a lot of electric bikes under $1500 that do not fold. One of these may be worth considering if you are not going to take the bike onto public transport and do not have a storage space problem.

What is The Best Value Electric Folding Bike Under 1000 dollars?

Most people will set themselves a budget when they begin looking for an electric bike. Many people who are considering buying their first electric bike will probably believe that a maximum of $1000 is a reasonable amount to be spending. You can indeed get a good quality bike that will perform well for this amount of money.

You can of course buy an electric bike for just a few hundred dollars but obviously bikes that only cost a few hundred dollars are likely to come with a number of limitations. This is not to say that they would be a poor choice for everyone. They may well meet the needs of anyone who is going to use their bikes infrequently or only for short journeys.

The electic folding bikes under 1000 dollars that we have reviewed are all just under the $1000 mark. We believe that the bikes we have chosen represent good value and should provide a reasonable level of performance for the average rider.

Some of the bikes we reviewed are designed for commuting whilst others are off road e-bikes. Others can be used for both commuting and also rough terrain riding.

Is the Himo Z20 the best folding ebike under 1000 dollars?

The Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike

The Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike has a number of reviews and has been give a 4.7 star rating by customers who have purchased the bike. The Z20 is ideal for use in urban or rural environments.

The cost of the Himo Z20 at time of writing is approximately $850. Like the majority of the electric bikes reviewed in this page the Himo Z20 originates in China. However if you are situated in Europe you have the option of having your order fulfilled from stock held in Germany or Poland. Delivery of the bike is quoted as being 7-10 days to customers in Europe.

The Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike is able to cover a distance of about 80km on a full charge, which is quite impressive for a bike in this price range. The top speed of the Himo Z20 is quoted as being 25kph (approx 16mph). This is somewhat slower than some other folding e-bikes but it is quite sufficient to meet the needs of the majority of users.

The carry weight of the bike is listed as being 100kg (220lbs/15 stone) which makes it suitable for adults of average build and weight.

Man in countryside with the best value electric folding bike.

The bike is fitted with a powerful 250w motor and comes with a 36v/10Ah lithium ion battery. The overall weight of the Himo Z20 is slightly over 21 kilos (including the battery which weighs just 2.5 kilos). The battery, which is fully contained within the bikes frame, can be fully recharged in 5 hours.

The Himo Z20 can be ridden in manual mode, pedal assist mode of in full electric mode. The Z20 also has a reliable Shimano six speed transmission system to further enhance the riding experience.

The HD display provides the rider with all the important data that he/she is likely to need. Speed, distance travelled, battery condition and riding mode are all clearly displayed.

The frame of the bike is manufactured from Aluminium. The bike has 14” wheels which are fitted with durable all weather CST tyres.

The Himo Z20 comes with a 2 year warranty.

Other features of the Himo Z20 includes a high powered led front light and a rear reflector. The pedals are also foldable to reduce the amount of storage space required. There is a pump provided that is cleverly concealed in the frames seat stem. The bike is extremely lightweight and compact and has a ‘three step’ folding procedure. Folding, and unfolding the bike can be achieved in as little as 10 seconds.

Is The Himo Z20 The Best Value Electric Folding Bike for You?

The Himo Z20 may, or may not, be the Best Value Electric Folding Bike on the market. It does however appear to be quite good value for money and might be worth considering if you are looking for a folding electric bike in this price range.

You can Buy the Himo Z20 online direct from the Himo Official Store. (Promotion)

You are also able to Buy the Himo Z20 from Amazon. (Promotion)

You can also Buy the Himo C20 model, which is similar to the Z20 but does not fold. (Promotion)

SMLRO Folding Electric Mountain Bike in Blue

The SMLRO MX300YTL Folding Electric Bike

The SMLRO MX300YTL is another possible contender for the title of Best Value Electric Folding Bike Under 1000 dollars.

Unlike the Himo Z20 that has 14” wheels the MX300YTL is a full size folding electric mountain bike complete with 26” wheels. At the time of writing the price for the SMLRO MX300YTL starts comfortably below the $1000 price mark.

The SMLRO MX300YTL is available with a choice of three different batteries. The base model has a 48v/10Ah battery, the intermediate model has a 48v/13Ah battery and the top of the range bike has a 48v/18Ah battery. All SMLRO MX300YTL electric bikes are fitted with a 500w motor, regardless of battery selection.

SMLRO MX300YTL electric mountain bike with removable battery

The battery can be charged whilst it is still in situ on the bike or it can be disconnected and charged remotely if this is more convenient. Charging time for the battery is between 4 and 5 hours. The charger supplied can be used with inputs of 100 and 240v (AC). The charger has built in protection to safeguard against over-voltage, over-current and short circuit.

The MX300YTL has 3 riding modes, manual, electric assist and pure electric mode. When the pedal assist option is selected there are four levels of assist to choose from.

smlro mx300ytl gear change assembly

The range of the MX300YTL in pure electric mode varies between 25-40 km, in pure electric mode, depending on the battery option. The range of the MX300YTL in electric assist mode is in the region of 65km. The maximum speed of the bike is listed by the manufacturer as being 30kph.

The maximum load capacity of the MX300YTL Electric Mountain Bike is an impressive 150kg (330 pounds / 23.6 stone). This is substantially more than the weight of most e-bike riders would be looking for.

The bike is fitted with front and rear Shimano derailleur gearing. The LCD display shows the usual information relating to speed, distance travelled, battery condition and selected riding mode.

The frame of the MX300YTL is constructed from Carbon Steel. There are shock absorbers fitted to both the front forks and rear of the bike. The bikes comes with 26” magnesium alloy rims that support Kenda 26×1.95” MTB tyres. Mechanical disc brakes are fitted as standard.

The MX300YTL also feature a ‘one click folding mechanism’ which makes it extremely quick and easy to fold and unfold.

The bike is also fitted with an LED headlight for riding after dark or in poor visibility conditions.

Is The MX300YTL Electric Mountain Bike The Best Value Electric Folding Bike for You?

The MX300YTL Electric Mountain Bike will appeal to a wide range of individuals. It is a multi-purpose bike that can be used for commuting or for off road riding on rough terrain.

is the slmro mx300ytl the best value folding e-bike available

It will probably be more durable than the Himo Z20 overall but is aimed at an entirely different market. Although the MX300YTL is foldable it does not fold down anywhere nearly as small as a folding ebike that has 14” or 16” wheels. It can however be easily folded for transporting in the family car for weekend jaunts to the countryside. It would however be less convenient to take on public transport with you.

If you are considering purchasing a folding mountain bike then the SMLRO MX300YTL might well be the Best Value Electric Folding Bike for you. It is certainly worth considering!

You can Buy the SMLRO MX300YTL online from the Professional Bike Store (Promotion) or Buy from Amazon. (Promotion)

the smrlo ev2 folding commuter ebike

The SMLRO EV2 Folding Electric Bike

The SMLRO EV2 is a small wheeled city bike. Priced at just under $800 it is reasonably inexpensive. Because of its small size and weight it is ideal for the daily commute to the office. It could also be an ideal ebike for older people as it is easy to mount and dismount.

smlro ev commuter electric bike is compact when folded

The SMLRO EV2 Folding Electric Bike has a lightweight aluminium frame. The total weight of the bike is just 17kg. When folded the dimensions of the bike are a very compact 65x65x35cm. The pedals, and handlebars, on the bike are also foldable. The wheel are magnesium alloy integrated rims fitted with Chaoyang 14”x1.95” tyres.

The EV2 is capable of carrying a maximum load weight of up to 130kg.

The bike has three riding modes. Human mode allows the bike to be ridden as a conventional bicycle. Pedal assist mode allows the rider to choose to get assistance and reduce the physical effort required to propel the bike. There are three levels of power assist to choose from. The bike also has a pure electric mode that enables the bike to be ridden without the need for the rider to pedal at all.

Acceleration of the bike whilst in pure electric mode is achieved by means of a rotating hand throttle. An LCD display is provided to monitor the bikes status and performance.

smlro ev electric commuter bike on charge

The battery installed in the SMLRO EV2 Folding Electric Bike is rated at 36v/10Ah which is connected to a 250w high speed, brushless, low resistance and low noise motor. The battery can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours if only partially discharged and 5 hours if the battery is fully depleted.

The maximum speed of the SMLRO EV2 Folding Electric Bike is 25kph and the range of the bike in pure electric mode is 30-35km. The range of the bike when used in power assist mode increases to somewhere in the region of 50km. Real world figure will obviously be influenced by terrain, elevation and other factors. Mechanical disc brakes are employed to stop the bike.

There is no derailleur gearing system on the bike, it operates on a single gear only.

Other features of the bike include a comfortable geometrically designed seat, a kick stand mudguards (fenders) and a small toolkit.

Is The SMLRO EV2 The Best Value Electric Folding Bike for You?

The SMLRO EV2 Folding Electric Bike is a budget priced commuter bike. It is a ‘no frills machine’ but appears to be perfectly capable of doing the job it was designed to do. The bike is available in a choice of three colours.

Although there are very few customer reviews for this particular model the SMLRO branding overall is considered to be a reputable brand.

You can Buy The SMLRO EV2 Electric Bike online from The Professional Bike Store. (Promotion)

What is The Best Value Electric Folding Bike for around 1500 dollars?

Increasing your budget to include bikes over $1000 will open up a wider choice of folding ebikes. It can be argued that the more expensive bikes offer a better build quality and more functions than their cheaper counterparts. This is true to some extent but it is not always the case!

In order to help you to decide whether spending a little extra cash would be the right decision for you we have reviewed a small number of electric bikes that are on offer for around about 1500 dollars.

shengmilo mx01 fat tyre folding mountain bike in green and black

The Shengmilo MX01 Folding Electric Bike.

The Shengmilo MX01 Folding Electric Mountain Bike is an extremely rugged piece of equipment. It is designed specifically for riding in rough terrain. It is most likely to appeal to men but could also be ridden by ladies who take their off road riding seriously.

The bike is currently available from the Shengmilo Official Store for just over $1400. The MX01 has over 140 customer reviews and 93% of those give the bike a 5 star rating. Customers specifically remark about the build quality and the comfort of the bike. A number of customers who posted reviews state that the bike exceeded their expectations.

The Shengmilo MX01 has the battery in the frame

The Shengmilo MX01 has a powerful high speed brushless 1000w motor and a 48v/12.8Ah battery, which is completely concealed within the top tube of the bikes frame. The battery can be removed for charging or can be charged whilst still connected to the bike if this is more convenient.

The battery has an exceptionally long life cycle and can be recharged 900 times before it is likely to need replacing.

The charger is able to provide over current protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection and temperature protection. Charging time for the battery is listed as being between 5 hours and six hours.

The Shengmilo MX01 can be ridden using pedal power alone. It can also be ridden using power assist or for those that do not wish to pedal at all it can also be ridden in full electric mode.

the shengmilo mx01 folding ebike is extremely compact

The maximum speed of the Shengmilo MX01 is around about 40kph. The motor also has an optional speed limiting function which allows you to preset your maximum speed from 20-40kph.

The range of the bike on full power is between 30 and 40 kilometers depending on riding conditions and elevation. The range when riding using pedal assist will increase to between 70 and 90km depending on the conditions and the amount of manual effort that the rider is prepared to put in.

The MX01 is designed to cope with climbs up to 35 degrees on normal road conditions.

shengmilo mx01 wide tyres for rought terrain riding

The bike features a lightweight frame manufactured from Aluminium Alloy. The Shengmilo MX01 is a full size fat tyred folding mountain bike. It has 26” wheels that are shod with wide, heavy duty 26”x4 Zhengxin tyres designed to cope with any type of riding conditions.

The MX01 is fitted with an XOD hydraulic oil disc brake system to ensure that the bike can be stopped safely when required to do so. Double shock absorbers are fitted to both the front and the rear of the bike to provide additional rider comfort. Gearing for the bike is provided via a Shimano 21 gear system.

The MX01 is a fairly heavy bike at 29kg, including battery. The maximum carry weight is shown as being 230kg which should be more than sufficient for the vast amount of riders who are considering this type of bike.

Other features of the Shengmilo MX01 folding mountain bike include a fitted front and rear LED lights and luggage rack. There is also a pump and tool kit supplied as standard.

shengmilo mx01 folding ebike lcd screen

There is an LCD screen fitted to the bike that provides information relating to the condition of the battery, speed, distance travelled and the riding mode in operation.

Is The Shengmilo MX01 The Best Value Electric Folding Bike for You?

The Shengmilo MX01 folding mountain bike will appeal to individuals who take their off road riding seriously. It is rugged and designed for hard work. It can be used for commuting, but if this is all you are going to use the bike for there are better options available to you.

The fact that the MX01 has the ability to be folded means that it is to transport for weekend trips to the countryside.

The MX01 is priced sensibly and it would be difficult to find another bike of this type that offers more for your money. The MX01 could indeed be a contender for the title of best value folding electric mountain bike in this price range.

The Shengmilo MX01 folding mountain bike can be bought online from The Shengmilo Official Store (Promotion). Alternatively you can Buy the MX01 from Amazon (Promotion).

cyrusher xf500 best folding electric bike for 1500 dollars

The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike

There are relatively few reviews available for this particular e-bike. Those that are available speak highly of the bike and appear to be very satisfied with their purchase.

The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike is currently priced between$1350 (including delivery) and $1499 depending on where the bike is purchased.

The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike is aimed squarely at the commuter market and anyone else who is looking for an e-bike for leisure use. It would also be ideal for packing into the car for visits to the countyside at weekends to explore the country lanes. It is certainly not built for riding on rough terrain.

Lets take a look at the spec of the XF500 to find out if it could qualify as the best value folding electric bike for regular road use.

The weight of the bike is a total of 22.5 kg and it is capable of carrying a weight of up to 150kg, which is 50kg more than the less expensive Himo Z20 reviewed earlier on this page.

As with most electric bikes aimed at commuters the Cyrusher XF500 has small wheels. In the case of this bike the actual wheel size is 20”. The bike is supplied from the factory with high performance Kenda 20×1.95 tyres

The frame is constructed from 6061 Aluminium which the manufacturers claim has passed the UK fatigue test. The handlebars are also constructed from super light weight aluminium.

The front forks are manufactured from high strength carbon steel and incorporate top grade lockout suspension.

How to fold the Cyrusher XF500 electric bike

The bike is easy to fold and requires three simple steps (no tools required) to reduce the bike down to its folded size of just 86x54x74cm. It’s size and weight make it ideal for anyone who needs to take it with them on public transport or simply wants to get it into the boot of the family hatchback.

The bikes braking system consists of aluminium mechanical disc brakes with automatic power cut off lever.

The bike has a gearing system that consists of a shimano Y300 rear derailleur and seven speed Shimano TX500 gears.

The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike is supplied with a Samsung 48v/10Ah lithium battery that is housed in a sealed removable pack that is situated within the frame. The charging unit provided is designed to protect the battery against damage from over-current, over-voltage and short circuiting. The battery can be fully recharged, depending on the status of the battery, in between five and seven hours.

The 400w brushless motor is capable of propelling the bike at a maximum speed of 25-35kph. The distance that can be travelled on a full charge is approximately 65 to 80km depending on how the bike is being ridden.

the cyrusher xf500 folding ebike computer readout

The Cyrusher XF500 has the three usual riding modes which are manual, pedal assist and fully electric by using the twist throttle.

The bike has a display that monitors speed, the distance travelled, the amount of charge remaining in the battery and the power assist level engaged.

Is The Cyrusher XF500 The Best Value Electric Folding Commuter Bike for You?

The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike should prove to be a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable commuter e-bike. The styling is clean, simple and unassuming with the main emphasis being on perfomance and reliability.

You can Buy The Cyrusher XF500 Folding Electric Bike directly from the Cyrusher Official Store (in China) or you can Buy from

Buying direct from the Cyrusher Official Store will be the slightly cheaper option but shipping times will be longer.

lankeleiski g650 ebike in red and black

The Lankeleisi G650 20 inch Folding Electric Bike

The Lankeleisi G650 20 inch Folding Electric Bike is described by the manufacturer as being a ‘pedal assisted folding mountain bike with full suspension’. The bike is designed for off road riding. If you are looking for a mountain bike and are going to be riding it exclusively ‘off road’ you may be better considering one of the 26” wheel options that are available.

If however you are looking for a folding electric mountain bike to use both for off road riding and commuting then the Lankeleisi G650 would be worth considering. The Lankeleisi G650 is available with a choice of battery/motor options. The price of the bike ranges from just over $1500 to slightly under $2000 depending on the power option you choose.

lankeleiski g650 ebike dimensions

The Lankeleisi G650 20 inch Folding Electric Bike can be delivered with either a 48v/10.4Ah lithium battery, a 48v/12.8Ah lithium battery or a 48v/14.5Ah lithium battery. You also have the option to purchase a spare battery for you bike if you wish to do so. The time required to recharge the battery is estimated to be between 5 and 8 hours. As with the majority of electric bikes you are able to charge the battery whilst it is still on the bike or it can be charged whilst off the bike if this is your preference. Regardless of the battery option selected a 400w brushless motor is standard throughout the range.

The light weight frame of the bike is constructed from aluminium, which is a fairly standard material for this type of bike. The G650 has 20” wheels that are fitted with broad 20×2.4” tyres that are suitable for rough terrain riding but are also suitable for normal road surfaces.

The weight of the bike is around about 25 kilos and the carry weight is roughly 100kg.

lankeleiski g650 folding ebike braking system.

The front forks include oil/spring suspension units and a similar damping system is also employed at the rear of the bike. The bike is also fitted with disc brakes and a ‘power-off’ brake.

As is common with most e-bikes the Lankeleisi G650 Folding Electric Bike has three modes of operation. It can be ridden like a conventional bike by using pedal power alone. In addition it also gives the rider the choice of pedal assist or full electric mode should they wish to use them. When used in pedal assist mode there are five levels of assist available for the rider to choose from.

The range of the bike using pure electric mode is 30-40 kilometers. The range of the bike when ridden in pedal assist mode is 50 to 70km. Terrain and rider participation will obviously have a major bearing on the actual distance achievable. The speed of the bike is listed my the makers of the bike as being between 25 and 35kph.

lankeleiski electric bike 7 speed transmission

There is also an LCD computer screen attached to the bike’s handlebars that provides information regarding battery condition, selected travel mode, distance travelled and speed.

Transmission for the bike is provided Shimano and includes a Shimano TY300 rear derailleur and a Shimano TX50 seven speed thumb gear shifter.

Other features of the Lankeleisi G650 Folding e-bike include a very thick padded seat, for added comfort, adjustable handlebars and a front LED light.

Is The Lankeleisi G650 The Best Value Electric Folding Commuter Bike for You?

The Lankeleisi G650 would appear to be a good compromise for anyone looking for an electric bike that they can use on hard surfaces and rough terrain. The bike is relatively compact when folded making it easy to transport and store. Although the wheel size is only 20” the fact that it has relatively wide tyres means that the G650 should still perform well off road. Having a choice of battery also enables prospective purchasers to choose the option that is best suited to their needs.

You can Buy The Lankeleisi G650 direct from the Lankeleisi Store or you can Buy from Amazon.


There are a vast number of folding electric bikes available in a wide range of prices. We have tried to give a brief insight with regards to what is available for under $1000 and also what is available in the $1500 price bracket.

The six bikes we have chosen represent a reasonable cross section of bikes in the price ranges chosen. The list is in no way extensive and there are obviously other models that you may like to consider before making a final decision about purchasing.

As stated at the beginning of this post there is no such thing as the ‘best value folding electric bike’. You need to consider the options available very carefully and then simply decide which of the folding electric bikes on offer is likely to be the best value e-bike for you!!

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