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The Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults – Are they Popular?

A Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults is now a popular transport choice for a wide number of people. Scooters were originally considered to be a child’s toy but this is no longer the case. Adults, both young and old, are now using scooters as an acceptable form of transport.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Initially a scooter was simply a child’s toy. It had two wheels, attached to either end of a footboard. It had a long steering column with a set of handlebars to control the direction of the front wheel. The rider would stand with one foot on the footboard whilst the other foot was used to propel the device by pushing against the ground.

An electric scooter has the same basic structure as a manual scooter. However instead of using one foot to propel the vehicle the rider simply stands on the footboard and relies on the power of the inbuilt electric motor to get the device moving.

What is a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults?

sit on electric scooter without footboard

A large proportion of electric scooters for adults now also have a seat fitted which allows the rider to be seated rather than having to stand whilst riding. It is the addition of the seat that has been responsible for the increasing popularity of the electric scooter for adults. Many people, including older people, who would not have previously considered an electric scooter to be a suitable mode of transport are now quite happy to use them simply because they can ride them in a seated position.

The design of some sit on electric scooters is now somewhat different to the traditional scooter. In some cases the footboard has been dispensed of completely,

What is the Weight Limit of a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults?

When people talk about weight limits for electric scooters they are actually referring to the carry weight of an electric scooter. This is not a constant figure and will vary considerably from scooter to scooter. Depending on the electric scooter you choose the carry weight could be anywhere from 100 kilos to 250 kilos.

The carry weight of an electric scooter is determined by a number of factors. The sturdiness of the frame and baseboard of the scooter are a key factor. It is fairly obvious that a scooter with a very light weight frame, manufactured from flimsy materials, is unlikely to be capable of carrying heavy weights.

The battery and motor are also important. Scooters that have low battery capacity and low wattage motors are not designed to carry heavy passengers. They may seem to cope reasonably well on flat ground but any form of gradient will soon expose their weaknesses.

Heavy adults should also pay close attention to the braking system on the scooter they are considering. Increasing the carry weight of a scooter will put added pressure on the braking system.

Always choose an electric scooter with a manufacturers carry weight that is well above the weight limit that you think you may want it to carry. Erring on the safe side is never a bad thing.

With regards to the weight of the scooter itself! The actual weight of a sit down electric scooter for adults can be anywhere between 15 kilos and 45 kilos. Again this will depend on the make and model of electric scooter you choose.

What is the Difference Between a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults and an Electric Bike?

There are a lot of people who are confused about the difference between an electric scooter and a folding electric bike or any other form of inexpensive electric bike. They are in fact two very different types of vehicle.

An electric bike will have pedals that can be used to propel the machine. It also has an electric motor that can be used in conjunction with the pedals to reduce the physical effort required by the rider to propel the vehicle. The majority of electric bikes now also have the facility to allow them to be propelled by the motor alone but they must however be capable of being propelled by pedal power to be classed as pedal assisted e-bike.

An electric scooter does not have pedals it relies solely on the power of the electric motor to drive it along.

Stand on electric scooters can often be used in manual mode (i.e. propelled by pushing one foot on the ground) but this tends to be impractical. Progress is slow and uncomfortable and would be impractical and tiring for extended periods of time. Electric scooters with seats attached are virtually impossible to ride manually due to the positioning of the seat.

Who can Ride a Sit Down Electric Scooter?

In theory at least anyone can ride a sit down electric scooter providing they are physically capable of doing so. This includes older people thinking about buying an e-bike. The reality is however somewhat different.

who can ride an electric scooter with a seat

There are numerous regulations relating to the legal use of electric scooters. These regulations vary considerably from region to region throughout the world. Your location will dictate who can, and who cannot, ride an electric e-bike and where it can be ridden. Restrictions on who can ride an electric scooter usually relate to age and the regions (or country’s) legal position regarding the classification of electric scooters in general.

Who can Ride a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults in the UK?

The regulations relating to the use of electric scooters in the UK are very restrictive indeed. Current regulations forbid the riding of electric scooters on public roads, footpaths, cycle lanes and pavements. The only place that an electric bike can be ridden in the UK is on private property, providing of course that you have permission from the land owner. The same rules also apply to hover boards and electric skate boards.

Electric Scooters are classed as ‘Powered Transporters’ or ‘Personal Light Electric Vehicles’ in the UK which puts them in the same legal category as ‘motor vehicles’.

A motor vehicle has to conform to a number of different criteria in order for it to be considered suitable for use on public roads in the UK. These include conformity to a number of technical standards relating to manufacture, safety and use.

A motor vehicle in the UK is required to be taxed and insured. The vehicle also has to be registered and the driver has to have the relevant licence, insurance and safety equipment.

It is not totally clear why the British Government appear to be so against Electric Scooters. Some of the perceived problems with using electric scooters in the UK revolves around issues relating to rear lighting, number plates and electronic signalling amongst other things.

There are some indications that the UK government may review its position on electric scooters following a pilot scheme started in July 2020 that would allow some e-scooters onto UK roads. The scheme only allows for electric scooters that are rented to be ridden. It is hoped that this will lead to privately owned vehicles to be included at a later date.

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Are Sit On Electric Scooters Legal to Use in Other Regions of the World?

Regulations vary dramatically from region to region with regards to using Electric Scooters on public roads and other areas. Electric Scooters can now be ridden legally on the roads in Germany, subject to a number of criteria being met. France, Austria, Switzerland and a number of other European countries now allow electric scooters to be ridden. There are however a number of local bye laws that need to be observed in each individual location.

Electric Scooters are legal in the USA but again regulations can vary dramatically from state to state.

Before you ride an electric scooter in your location it is crucial that you understand what the law allows in your particular area. Breaking the rules can lead to heavy fines.

Who Will a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults Appeal to?

Sit down scooters for adults will appeal to a broad spectrum of people!

They are an ideal vehicle for making short journeys to the shops for example. In many cases an electric scooter could be a viable, convenient and much cheaper, alternative to public transport.

collapsible sit on electric scooter

Electric Scooters will appeal to commuters as they offer a cheaper and more efficient means of transport than the family car, especially in the city. Commuters who make part of their journey on public transport could also benefit from owning an electric scooter. A substantial number of electric scooters with seats are collapsible and fold down to an extremely small size. This makes them incredibly easy to transport and easy to store in the office when you finish your journey.

Electric Scooters with seats are also a huge favourite amongst the student population. They are relatively cheap to buy and the running costs are also extremely low.

sit down electric scooter with child seat

Some sit down electric scooters are supplied with an additional ‘child seat’. These will appeal to parents of young children. These seats are usually positioned to the front of the rider (between the rider and handle bars) and can be used by a child up to about 70kg in weight. The actual carry weight will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you are using a child seat you also need to bear in mind that every electric scooter has a ‘carry weight’. Regardless of the make of scooter you own it is essential that the combined weight of the rider and child does not exceed the stated carry weight.

Are Adult Electric Scooters with a Seat Expensive to Run?

The running costs of an electric scooter, including those with seats, are extremely low. The only daily running cost for an electric scooter is the cost of recharging the battery. Obviously this cost will vary depending on the type of scooter you choose. On average it is likely to cost 30-40 pence (50 cents) to recharge the majority of the most popular electric scooters on the market.

battery inside frame of adult sit on scooter

The motor and battery of an e-scooter are, generally speaking, maintenance free. The tyres and brakes will need to be checked periodically, as with any other type of vehicle, and replaced when necessary. The battery will also need to be replaced at some point in the future. The life of an electric scooter battery is however likely to be between 2 and 4 years (or 3,000-5,000 miles). Realistically you are unlikely to need to replace the battery more than once during ythe time you own the scooter.

The only other ‘running costs’ that you are likely to incur are those related to meeting any local legal requirements such as annual bike safety checks, road tax and insurance etc.

You are also likely to need some form of protective clothing, or a helmet at least, for your own safety. This is likely to be a one off expenditure and will not significantly impact on the running costs considering the time you are likely to own the scooter.

Are There any Environmental Benefits of Sit Down Scooters for Adults?

Using an electric scooter has ecological benefits. They do not produce any CO2 gases or other pollutants whilst they are in use. Not only are electric scooters more environmentally friendly than many other forms of transport they could have a positive impact on inner city congestion.

The life expectancy of a privately owned electric scooter is in excess of three years. The life expectancy is increased significantly if the vehicle is maintained and cared for properly. Rental electric scooters have a much shorter lifespan due to the amount of abuse they suffer.

There are always concerns about disposing of any consumable item. Electric scooters can be disposed of in the same way as any other electrical appliance. The metal frame of the scooter is recyclable. There are dedicated companies that specialise in disposing of electric motors and batteries. Given that electric powered vehicles are seen as the future disposing of any electrical component will get even easier as time passes.

Is Riding a Sit On Electric Scooter Difficult?

It is relatively easy to learn to ride an electric scooter. It is simply a matter of balance. If you have ridden a bike before you will be familiar with the basic concept. Most people are able to master the technique fairly quickly once they have had a bit of practice. Some people will obviously find it easier than others.

There are however some subtle differences between riding a bike (or an electric bike) and riding an electric sit down scooter.

With an electric bike you would generally get into motion using the pedals, just as you would with a manual cycle. This is not always the case if you own an electric bike with a throttle, but it is the way that the majority of ebike riders choose.

With a sit on electric scooter there is only an electric motor (no pedals) so you are simply using the controls on the handlebars to get moving. It is therefore essential that you become confident using the hand throttle, and brakes, before you venture out onto the highway.

Sit down scooters have the advantage of being easier to mount than electric bikes as they tend to be lower to the ground. This also makes it easier to put your feet onto the ground again to steady yourself should you wish to do so.

Are Sit On Electric Scooters for Adults Safe to Ride?

Sit on electric scooters are safe to ride but there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind.

One critecism of electric scooters is that they tend to be a little less stable than electric bikes, in certain situations. This is due to a large extent to the size of the wheels.

E-bikes will usually have wheels of 14” or larger whereas e-scooters often have wheels of 10” or less (in some cases as small as 6”). Sit down electric scooters are also designed to be used on relatively flat ground, they are not a good choice for rough terrain riding. If you are wanting to ride off road you may be better off buying a budget priced electric mountain bike.

There are a few key things to consider when choosing an electric scooter to ensure that you remain as safe as possible.

You need to ensure that the machine you buy has an effective braking system. If possible choose an e-scooter that is fitted with disc brakes. These provide powerful and reliable braking in all weather conditions. They are also light weight and easy to adjust should you need to do so.

Choosing a machine with some form of suspension is always a good idea. A suspension system not only makes the ride more comfortable it also helps to reduce the effects that small bumps in the road can have on the stability of the scooter.

Some electric scooters are supplied with airless (solid) tyres. If you choose this option it is advisable that the scooter has a suspension system. Riding a scooter with no suspension and solid tyres is uncomfortable to say the least and makes the machine more difficult to control on surfaces that are less than perfect.

Ideally you would choose an electric scooter with both suspension and pneumatic tyres.

Front and rear lights are a must if you are going to ride your scooter after dark or in poor weather conditions. A horn or bell is also advisable if at all possible. A protective helmet should always be worn, even if it is not mandatory in your location. High visibility clothing will also help to make other road users aware of your presence. If you are a novice rider then protective elbow and knee pads will provide some additional protection should you be unfortunate enough to fall off your electric scooter.

Whatever you do make sure that you are familiar with all of the controls of the bike before you ride on a public highway!

Should I Buy a Sit Down Electric Scooter for Adults?

Whether or not owning an electric scooter is the right choice for you is a matter of personal preference. If you have decided that a two wheeled electric vehicle is what you need then the choice is basically between an electric scooter or an electric bike. Both types of vehicle have their benefits and their downsides. It is up to the individual to weigh up the pros and cons of both options and decide which option suits their own particular needs the best.

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